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Debit Card Tips

You use your debit card more than your credit card for purchases if you're like most Americans, and in many cases that makes sense. You avoid racking up more credit card debt. Unfortunately you also put your bank accounts at risk if you're not careful. To avoid becoming a victim of debit card fraud, consider these tips.

8 Tips For Debit Card Safety

1. Check Your Account Frequently

By checking your bank account often you will be able to see any fraudulent charges quicker. Make sure all payments are yours. If you do not have online banking, check your paper statements promptly when they arrive.

2. Report a lost checking account debit card immediately.

If your debit card is lost or stolen, call the Bank immediately at 580.584.9123. Always report a lost or stolen debit card immediately. This will help prevent fraudulent transactions from posting to your account.

3. Keep your PIN a secret.

Never give out your debit card or credit card Personal Identification Number (PIN) to anyone on the telephone, internet etc. Your PIN number is for your use only. Never Give It Out. (When in doubt contact the Bank.)

4. Know your limits.

Many issuers limit daily purchases and withdrawals for your protection. If you do not know what these limits are, please call us at 580.584.9123.

5. Don't use strange-looking ATM and payment terminals.

Crooks skim credit card and debit card information by attaching fake card readers and secondary keypads to ATM machines and other payment terminals. Don't use a machine that looks as if someone tampered with it. Report the problem to the owner and go elsewhere.

6. Make sure your checking or savings account transaction is complete.

Don't leave the machine until you're certain the transaction is finished, and you've put your cash away. The convenience and frequency of debit card use can lure you into a false sense of security.

7. Use your credit card for shopping online.

Most experts recommend using your credit card instead of a debit card when shopping online, because credit cards come with better consumer protections in case of fraud or billing disputes.

8. Vacation Time

Stick to a credit card for big-ticket and travel-related purchases. Credit cards offer more protection if something goes wrong, and you won't have your money locked up if a hold is placed on your account to cover the cost of something like a hotel stay or a car rental. Using a debit card for travel can lead to trouble, as more people are unfortunately discovering.