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Since 1946


December 31, 2018


Cash and Due from Bank   6,654,000.00
Securities and Federal Funds   46,677,000.00
Total Loans   92,273,000.00
Premises and Fixed Assets   5,040,000.00
Other Assets   1,396,000.00
Total Assets $ 152,040,000.00


Deposits   135,367,000.00
Other Liabilities    421,000.00
Common Stock   500,000.00
Surplus   752,000.00
Undivided Profits   15,000,000.00
Other Borrowed Money   0.00
Total Liabilities & Equity   $ 152,040,000.00


Robyn Batson, Chairman
Mike Batson
Rena Latta
Melvin Cavender, Vice Chairman
Brock Whittington
Main Bank
Robyn Batson
Chairman Of the Board, President, C.E.O & C.F.O

Rena Latta
NMLR # 469374 
Sr. Vice President, Loan Officer & Board Member

Mike Batson 
Vice President & Board Member

Suzie Whitehead
Vice President, Cashier, BSA/AML & IT Officer

Scott Batson
NMLR # 1449799
Asst. Vice President & Loan Officer

 Cody McDaniel
Asst. Vice President


Rick Wilson
NMLR # 469648
Vice President & Loan Officer

Richard Prewitt 
Vice President, Internal Control, Board Sec. & Security Officer

Amy Warren-Head
Vice President & Team Leader

Tiffany Touchstone
NMLR # 1763333
Asst. Vice President & Loan Officer

Phyllis George
Asst. Vice President

Frida Zavala
Asst. Vice President


Idabel Wright City

Brock Whittington
NMLR # 469629
Vice President/Idabel Manager, Loan Officer, & Board Member


Tina Mussett
Asst. Vice President, Manager & Loan Officer


Hochatown Manager